IQS, Inc. recognizes the importance of benefits to our employees and their families and we strive to offer a benefits package that is superior to our competition. A good benefits package is in the best interest of IQS, Inc. as well as our customers because it will help attract and retain a better-qualified employee.


Full-time employees receive one week of vacation after 365 days of continued service and two weeks vacation after five years of service.

Paid Holidays

Employees are eligible for paid federal holidays after 2 years of continued service.

Health Insurance

Health insurance may be available through a national carrier.

Emergency Leave or Sick Leave

In addition to the regular sick leave program, employees may receive up to thirty (30) days of leave for special circumstances such as personal illness or critical family problems.

Safety Equipment

The most important aspect of safety is effective training. Employees receive, without charge, all equipment and training required for their job.

Employee Incentives

Compensatory incentives are offered as encouragement to employees for their participation in safety programs, quality programs, recruitment of new employees, customer support, attendance and cost reduction.

Equal Employment Opportunity

IQS, Inc. and all subsidiaries are equal opportunity employers, ensuring all opportunities are open to all people regardless of race, sex, age or ethnic background.